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about me

Stan Berghs

owner of silver touch media

i am..

My name is Stan Berghs, born in 1999 and raised in a town so small you need binoculars to be able to see it on a map.

As I grew up I came to be very interested in several creative hobbies such as drawing, videography, making music and graphic design.

My dream would be to take these skills I have in audiovisual and graphic design and build it up to eventually be my full-time profession. 

I graduated from SiNT LUCAS in Eindhoven back in 2019, having studied Audiovisual Design & Technologies, which basically is a fancy name for videography.

i do..

I mainly have an eye for videography, but my experience and skills reaches beyond just filming and video-editing. I like to expand my creativity and use it to work on amazing projects!

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